Key Differences Between a Shemale and a Transgendered Person’s Genitals

Shemale is a shortened version of the word “she” used specifically with a intent to refer to a man who dresses as a woman and may not have undergone gender changing surgery. Although the context suggests a feminine-mindedness, pejorative English usage may suggest otherwise. A transgendered person is one who wears clothes of the opposite...Read More

Transgender Couples Get Married

Recently, a transgender couples was featured in a YouTube video with their baby. The ‘unique’ couple is a transgender couple living in Washington, DC. The video was posted on Twitter by Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh, who was outraged by the content of the video. The writer said the baby appeared to be destined for...Read More

Transgender Miss Universe

In the Miss Universe pageant, the first transgender woman will compete. Angela Ponce, a model from the Philippines, has announced her intention to run for the title. The pageant has faced criticism for disqualifying another transgender woman, Jenna Talackova, from the competition in 2012. She has threatened to sue the organization after the decision. Trump...Read More

Transgender Quiz

Are you interested in taking a transgender quiz? Do you feel uncomfortable with your current appearance? If you want to match your physical appearance to your gender identity, you will need to find out your gender identity first. Taking a transgender quiz is a good way to learn more about your gender identity. By taking...Read More

Beautiful Trans Women

There are many be trans women in the public eye, but who are these women and how can we tell if they are real? Here are five beautiful trans women to keep an eye out for. Some are celebrities, others are transgender models. Here are some examples of beautiful, transgender women. The names of these...Read More

Where to Find Transgender Clothing

The transition to becoming a transgender person can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. There are plenty of stores that offer clothes for transgender people. For example, Hot Topic, Aerie, and Torrid all have clothes in different sizes and colors. Other clothing stores offer free returns and shipping. While most transgender women...Read More

Benefits of a Transgender Escort Service

Many people don’t feel comfortable revealing their gender identity to the general public. For this reason, a transgender escort service can be a great way to maintain a social life and a sense of belonging. However, it is important to note that members of the public may ridicule or mock a transgendered individual. Fortunately, a...Read More

Successful Transgender Models in the Fashion Industry

Today, transgender models are making waves in the fashion industry, thanks to their success and activism. Although they are still considered marginalized by many in the fashion industry. Transgender models are changing the game and gaining popularity. While they may not be able to take over the world of fashion, their presence is making the...Read More

Am I Transgender?

Am I Transgender? There are many questions to ask yourself when you feel as if you are struggling to express your gender. It can be difficult to decide if you are in a transition phase, but the question is important to ask yourself before you decide to go down this path. If you have a...Read More

What is a Transgender Symbol?

A transgender symbol is a graphic design which has elements of both genders. It is a cross between male and female symbols and represents the diversity within the LGBT community. The flag has a lavender stripe and a white star. These colors are traditional for men and women but have also come to represent the...Read More
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